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Electricity - electronics is no longer a sector in itself, but it has become an industrial branch that improves all other sectors and increases productivity.

Electrical - Electronic Sector Overview

Electricity - electronics is no longer a sector in itself, but it has become an industrial branch that improves all other sectors and increases productivity.

In Turkey, though not a very long history of electrical and electronics industry, particularly in the last 20 years the industry has been quick way. However, it is emphasized that keeping up with the development trend in the world can only be achieved with a planned development and even a leap. It is underlined that more support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have a very important place in the Turkish economy, and speeding up R & D activities are of great importance in this process.


the initial formation of the electrical and electronics industry in Turkey, followed by a quota of long and large external payments imbalances that are recognized as the 1958 implementation of the import system. Before and after this date, it is seen that some organizations produce various fixed and mobile radio devices.

With the application of the quota regime, the importation of radio, pickup, etc. durable goods is prohibited and as a result, assembly activities of these devices have been started with the contribution of only domestic workmanship. Afterwards, it was ensured that the domestic contribution was increased by allowing importation of certain parts gradually decreasing with quotas.

The "Assembly Industry Instruction", which entered into force on April 14, 1964, has been a regulatory element in this field.

At the meeting of the National Security Council dated May 18, 1964, it was decided to conduct studies to establish an electronic industry in the country and the decision to prepare a feasibility report for the establishment of the electronic industry in the 1965 program of the First Five-Year Development Plan was added. This task was first assigned to MKE Institution, then to General Directorate of PTT, and the report prepared by this organization was submitted to the concerned persons in July 1967.

In the First Five-Year Development Plan (1963-1967), the electronics industry within the electricity industry was included in the Second Five-Year Development Plan (1968-1972) as a separate industrial sector for the first time.

FM and experimental TV broadcasts of ITU in Istanbul in the 1960s helped to open a market in this area and in 1968, black and white TV production started. In the second half of the sixties, the foundations of the communication equipment industry were laid. Therefore, in the 1960s, especially in the Turkish Electrical and Electronic Industry, 1965-1970 has a very important place.

After that, TRT started broadcasting TV continuously since 1972, the transition to color TV in 1983 and the efforts made by TRT and PTT to ensure that TV broadcasts spread throughout the country, on the other hand, led to the creation and expansion of the electronic consumer goods market.

Similarly, PTT investments have been a major factor in the development of the communication equipment industry.

began to develop the sector in Turkey since the end of the year 1960, it is an indispensable location for attention with the rise in all sub-sectors in recent years. However, it is seen that the production, import and export figures of the sector have not changed much in recent years. Considering that the sector has remained at a stable level in recent years, sector actors state that the sector cannot exceed a certain size.

In order to return this situation to positive, it is expected that the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology will publish a 2012-2016 Electricity and Electronics Sector Strategy Document and Action Plan and hope is expected to be in the sector.